Herbish.today’s mission statement

Herbish.today’s mission statement is threefold:


1: Creating awareness


The fight is far from over!

Over the last few decades, a large number of dedicated individuals have been fighting for the recognition and acceptance of cannabis. This includes medicinal application as well as the potential it has as an industrial cash crop, lest not forget as a recreational substance. Even though we cannabis enthusiasts have made great strides in this fight, the battle is far from over. There are still numerous obstacles to overcome, the biggest of which is general awareness.


Baffled by ignorance

Every day I’m baffled by how many misconceptions and misinformation surrounds the subject of cannabis in the minds of a majority of citizens worldwide. That’s why it’s so important to educate those who are ignorant on how the cannabis plant can bring a positive change to our lives, our society and our health. Only when a majority of the world acknowledges this fact, can we begin enacting change by putting pressure on the world leaders and local policy makers, because they are the key.


Spread the knowledge!

I am, however, acutely aware that the majority of readers that visit this site know a great deal about all the green goodness sticky icky has to offer, and I run the risk of preaching to the choir, so to speak. That’s why I, Herbert M. Green, want to try and write my articles in a way that informs those “in the know” as well as those who are not. In the hopes that I can give those who do know, extra ammunition in this battle of hearts and minds to convince those who don’t, so that together we can promote the general awareness so desperately needed in the ongoing battle for total, worldwide legalization of cannabis! So, my 420-loving friends, go forth and enlighten those who don’t know about what they should know!


This goes for vaping as well

The same is true, to a lesser extent, for the rise of the vaping industry, which is also plagued by misunderstanding due to the mainstream media’s misinterpretation of facts. A great deal of research is being done on the subject of vaping. The majority of this research points out that vaping e-liquid, as opposed to smoking tobacco, is much healthier. And yet the research that contradicts these facts are the ones that influence policymakers worldwide to do everything in their power to make it as hard as possible for the vaping industry to reach its full potential. These obstacles are most likely put in place by the tobacco lobby, who is scrambling to save whatever is left of their dwindling market share.     


2: Providing information


The second reason for starting this blog site is to provide my non-Dutch readers with information about my hometown of Amsterdam and how to have the best (420) experience possible! Besides that, I wish to keep everybody who is interested informed on the ongoing struggle for legalization of cannabis in the whole of Europe and changes it brings.    


I also want to provide honest and clear opinions on the various cannabis and vaping related products that cross my desk for reviewing purposes.  


3: Entertainment!


Not all content on my blog has to be doom and gloom! I want to have fun too! I have so many different interests I want to share and discuss with my readers, that I don’t even know where to begin! Music, video and board games, TV shows, movies and pretty much everything to do with pop-culture in general! Most importantly, I want to meet people who share these same interests and engage them in conversation about all the cool stuff out there.