Amsterdam is a crazy city

Things NOT to do when visiting Amsterdam

Tips for tourists in Amsterdam By Herbert M. Green   Sure, I’d be the last to deny Amsterdam is a party city, and pretty liberal when it comes to recreational drugs or comfortable with sex. That doesn’t mean however, that everything does. Here are some tips on what not to do and what to avoid when you’re visiting this awesome city; […]

7 awesome things to see and do when you’re stoned in Amsterdam

  By Herbert M. There are about a million lists and guides on what to do while in Amsterdam. I’m not going to bore you with yet another tourist sales pitch for canal boat tours or a visit to the Van Gogh museum. I live in this city and I know the coolest attractions in […]

E-juice review: Dinner Lady Lemon Tart

By Herbert M. Green   Lemon aroma is usually very overpowering. It does that in two distinctive ways. Either it has fresh but sour high notes or it gives off an unmistakable sweet freshness. When Dinner Lady served up her latest e-juice creation called Lemon Tart, she definitely choose the latter. Contrary to most ‘citrus […]

How to combat Vape Tongue

Vape tongue: Yes! It’s real!   By Herbert M. Green   For a long time, I was a fervent ‘vape tongue denier’. I always thought it was my equipment or a bad batch of e-juice; I would usually blame the manufacturer. Nevertheless, after more than one brush with the dreaded condition, followed by some extensive […]


By Herbert M. Green If you like the Magic Flight Launch Box, then you’re gonna love the Magic-Flight Orbiter (MFO). It’s a cool little vapor cooler that significantly improves the overall vaping experience when used with the Magic Flight Launch Box (MFLB). Everybody wants a go! The Magic-Flight Orbiter just looks really cool on my […]

Magic Flight Launch Box

Review: The Magic Flight Launch Box herb vaporizer

By Herbert M. Green   The Magic Flight Launch Box (MFLB) isn’t for everyone. You either love it or think it’s ‘meh’. There is no in between. One thing you will never do, however, is hate it. For that, the Magic Flight Launch Box is just too simple, too intuitive, and, most of all, one […]

Pax 3 herbal vaporizer

Review: Pax 3 – Portable herbal and concentrate vaporizer

By Herbert M. Green   Pax Labs Inc, has an excellent track record for making reliable, high-performance vaporizers. With their newest model, the Pax 3, it looks like they’re keeping that momentum going. What’s in the box? Before I dive into the details, let’s look at what’s in the box.   Besides the Pax 3 […]

mango's a stoners best freind

How Mango’s create a better and stronger high

Mango: A stoner’s best friend     By Herbert M. Green   Since the taboo surrounding the use of cannabis is slowly decreasing worldwide, scientific research has been steadily increasing. Interesting facts have come to light about the inner workings of our body in combination with the hundreds of compounds in cannabis. One of which […]

the dutch and their weird laws

Dutch cannabis law explained (edited for stoned readers)

by Herbert M. Green   Let’s get something straight, carrying and consuming weed in the Netherlands is not legal. Not in the strictest sense of the word. It’s just tolerated. How then, can you still light up a joint on most streets in most major cities? Why isn’t it fully legal? It’s a complex situation […]