A social media campaign for better drug policies worldwide.

  The war on drugs has not gone according to plan for those who started it. It might have been a great platform to run elections or to get rid of political enemies, but its failure is a foregone conclusion. The only problem is, the general public hasn’t caught on to this idea yet. As […]

the dutch and their weird laws

Dutch cannabis law explained (edited for stoned readers)

by Herbert M. Green   Let’s get something straight, carrying and consuming weed in the Netherlands is not legal. Not in the strictest sense of the word. It’s just tolerated. How then, can you still light up a joint on most streets in most major cities? Why isn’t it fully legal? It’s a complex situation […]

Raphael Mechoulam

People who made a big difference in Cannabis Culture

Green Heroes: Champions of Cannabis Culture   By Herbert M. Green   Breaking a taboo takes a lot of guts, perseverance and passion. As the world is slowly warming up to the idea that adults should be free to use cannabis, it is time to reflect on the deeds and accomplishments of certain individuals, cannabis […]