Top 10 WeedTube channels according to Herbish

By Herbert M. Green


WeedTubers; Vloggers vlogging while having a “Smoking Sesh” ( a new, hip way of saying you’re about to get baked). YouTube is full of them. Seriously, since the US started legalizing cannabis, these WeedTubers popped up left and right. Now, I know there is no accounting for taste, but if you, like me, have a low tolerance for clowns or typical stoner archetypes, you have to shift through a lot of crap before you get to the good stuff. I’m here to help you out a bit and narrow the list down. Get ready to meet some of the better channels and their creators!

Small disclaimer:
I know the title says “Top 10 list”, but to be honest, in most cases I can’t decide which ones I like best or who deserves more credit. That’s why this list is in no particular order! Basically, the position of the listing in this article does not reflect the quality or validity of the channel in question. I like ‘em all! And I just wanted to share them with you.


VICE – Weediquette

Straight up quality weed documentaries by VICE. Say what you will about VICE’s legitimacy but they go places and show things we would otherwise barely get to see. And I salute them for it.


Strange Bud

Breaking the Tokin’-Taboo barrier! This channel is my “Go to” whenever I want to show my family members or other non-420-minded folks how every day and universal cannabis can be. Strange Bud features cannabis-enthusiasts and non-users coming together and sharing the experience that cannabis brings them, with often fun, surprising and heartwarming results! You’re welcome.



“This is just ‘Foodporn’ for cannaisseurs”, were my initial thoughts when I stumbled across this channel. It’s hypnotic! I love it! They share all kinds of weed-infused recipes, but that’s just an added bonus in my opinion. This channel is all about the macro shots and other photographic high-standards. Feast your eyes on this:


The Stoner Mom

If you’re ever in a discussion with someone and want to convey that cannabis users come from all walks of life, here is some extra ammo to back up your point. It might not be to most exciting channel out there, but it’s a good example of a woman who’s an ordinary, everyday soccer mom that enjoys lighting up instead of having a glass of wine at the end of the day.


420 Science Club

Brandon and Gary just love talking about bongs, dab rigs, vaporizers, pretty much everything but Bud, and they do it with style! They team up regularly with other WeedTubers and even signed on rising star “Slower” for his own little segment called “Save a hit for Slower”. These guys really do get to check out the craziest gear:


Crutch 420

Joe Kid pretty much just takes crazy tokes. That’s what he does, and more power to him, because it’s very entertaining to watch. Don’t expect a ton of important cannabis related information, that’s not his shtick. Although he does give some insights about dabbing and extreme cannabis / perma-stoned culture along the way. I recommend his channel for the sheer absurdity of his hardcore smoking shenanigans! Just check out  this clip you’ll see what I mean:


Strain Central

Strain reviews, smoking gear reviews and other cannabis-related tips and insights, all done in a low-key, intelligent, and professional manner. That’s the best way to describe Josh’s YouTube channel “Strain Central”. He frequently teams up with other Weed-YouTubers for a smoke-sesh, in his solo vids he does some wacky tobacky challenges, like in this one:


Silenced Hippie

This next one is more a personal Vlog by a cute and smart girl who calls herself Silenced Hippie. She talks about her life and everything weed related while ripping hit after hit from all kinds of smoking and dabbing gear. It’s very entertaining to listen to her rambling on while hitting the bong yourself! Check it out:


International Highlife

Most WeedTubers seem to reside on the North American continent these days, which shouldn’t come as a surprise since the US is now the leading entity in cannabis culture. But! That doesn’t mean we Dutchies can’t compete on the same level as our American counterparts. Case in point, International Highlife. Simon Moker reviews strains and gear available in the Netherlands, in a fun yet educational way, like in this one:


Cannabis News Network

So far, most channels in this top 10 list are for entertainment and the love of cannabis. Sometimes though,  a serious take is needed, especially if you live in a country or state that hasn’t legalized cannabis (yet). It pays to stay up to date on the latest developments surrounding the cannabis debate, and  Cannabis News Network does just that. This channel focuses on the political and legal aspects of the cannabis debate being held in the Netherlands and the rest of the EU. Most content is in English.


Bonus Content:

While getting sucked into the void that is YouTube, I came across this little gem. I laughed my stoned ass off and thought you guys might enjoy it too.

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